November 5, 2020 at 3:15 PM 4 min read

"Petmin To Commence Construction Activities In November"


Ashtabula - November 5, 2020 – Mobilization of site activities begins this week marking the beginning of construction of Petmin USA’s Ashtabula manufacturing facility.  The future $474 million nodular pig iron facility will be located on a 30-acre industrial site at the Pinney Dock Port Terminal.

The project earthworks represents the first step in the transition from planning and development into construction. We are very pleased that we are able to take advantage of current fortuitous weather conditions to maintain our project timelines,” said Bradley Doig, President & CEO of Petmin USA.  “We believe in the competence and commitment of the local industrial workforce and remain grateful for the continued local support as we commence construction.”

The construction of the project is expected to create 500 jobs over the upcoming two-year construction period.  A project labor agreement (PLA) was signed with the Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council, the umbrella organization for more than 29 unions working in the construction industry in Northeast Ohio. The PLA will govern the next two years of construction activities through completion anticipated at the end of 2022.

Upon completion in 2022, an additional 110 full-time local jobs will be created.

The project has undergone rigorous reviews by numerous local, state, and federal agencies, and is in possession of all the required permits to commence construction. Petmin is therefore very pleased that it can move forward with initial excavation activities. 

Petmin has appointed Beaver Excavating Company of Canton (a reputable family-run Ohio-based company in this sector, established in 1953) as the General Contractor for the excavations portion of the project. The next phase will include concrete and piling work with the bid process to begin shortly, and managed by Techint Engineering & Construction, Petmin’s appointed Engineering, Procurement and Construction Manager.  

Petmin’s facility is projected to set the industry standard for CO2 emissions at less than 0.8 tonnes CO2 per ton product. Petmin’s best-in-class margin increases even further as result of the CO2 recovery plant that Petmin remains committed to including at its Ashtabula project site. Funding is in the process of being secured for the inclusion of its CO2 recovery plant.

Doig said that Petmin would use its best efforts to ensure minimal disruption or inconvenience to residents during construction. The City of Ashtabula has received grant funding for road improvements to widen and resurface portions of East 5th Street, Columbus Avenue Extension and Parkgate Avenue, to divert any traffic during our construction period away from residential areas.

Petmin will continue to follow rigorous on-site discipline in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, aligned with all state policies and guidelines in this regard.

Petmin USA remains committed to continue working in collaboration with a very supportive, and most welcoming local community to ensure delivery of a world-class facility that Ashtabula will be proud of.