June 11, 2021 at 10:18 AM 3 min read

Petmin announces plans to restart $474 million manufacturing facility in the Fall

Petmin announces plans to restart $474 million manufacturing facility in the Fall

Temporary suspension of site activity extended to accommodate global logistics challenges related to pandemic

Like numerous projects across the country, construction of Petmin USA’s Ashtabula manufacturing facility has been in a temporary holding pattern. Petmin expects that to continue until the third quarter of 2021.

“We are anxious  for a return to normal life and we believe that Ohio is really stepping up to the challenges presented by the Covid -19 pandemic and is turning the corner,” said Bradley Doig, President & CEO, of Petmin. “We anticipate, as more people here and globally are vaccinated, there will be immediate relief in the constrained supply chains, labor force, and general commercial activities, coupled with the lifting of international travel restrictions which has been significant impediment to our progress

“The temporary pause on site work will continue until a number of the key pandemic-related challenges are overcome. However, we would like to reassure our stakeholders, colleagues, and the local community that we remain fully committed to the success of the project and look forward to continuing its progress into a substantial and successful business within the Ashtabula community,” he added.  

Petmin has already invested more than $60 million in this project. Construction activities to date include, excavation, grading, demolition and rail removal, implementation of a storm water pollution prevention plan and otherwise. Petmin’s focus remains to ensure that paused site work remains safe and environmentally responsible, to facilitate efficient ramp-up on re-commencement of site activities.

Doig said he was extremely grateful to Petmin’s multiple private and public sector partners for their continued support during a turbulent past year, and said that despite the difficulties, significant progress has already been achieved that will assist in an efficient ramp-up in the Fall.